Accessing the Productboard API requires authentication, which can be done either through a Public API Access token or by using OAuth. For simpler, one-off integrations or initial experimentation, we recommend using the API token. For more complex integrations, especially those involving multiple users or requiring higher security, OAuth is the preferred method.

Public API Access Token

How to Obtain Your Token

  1. Log In: Open your preferred web browser and log into Productboard.
  2. Navigate to Token Generation:
    • Go to Workspace Settings > Integrations > Public APIs > Access Token.
    • Note: If this section isn't visible, your account may be on the Essentials plan. Access to API tokens requires at least a Pro plan. Plan features and names are subject to change; refer to Productboard pricing for the latest information.
  3. Generate Token: Click on the + symbol to create a new token.

Using Your Token

Include the following header in each API request, substituting with the token you generated:

Authorization: Bearer <your-token>

OAuth Authentication

For OAuth2 authorization:

  1. Application Registration: Register your application with Productboard. This step is necessary for integrations, services, etc.
  2. Setup Instructions: Detailed guidance on setting up OAuth can be found here.

Security Schemes

JWT Token

The JWT token method authenticates API requests as per the OpenAPI 3.0 specification:

  • Security Scheme Type: HTTP
  • HTTP Authorization Scheme: bearer
  • Bearer format: "JWT"


This security scheme secures outgoing requests from Productboard to a third-party system, using a configurable secret sent in the Authorization header. It's versatile and can represent different authentication types:

  • HTTP Basic authentication (e.g., Basic aGVsbG86d29ybGQ=)
  • HTTP Bearer authentication (e.g., Bearer <token>)
  • Any other scheme requiring a single secret value exchange
    • Security Scheme Type: API Key
    • Header Parameter Name: Authorization