Rich Text Formatting

Whether you're crafting a masterpiece in rich text or deciphering one, our handy table below is your ultimate guide. When you're sending rich text to Productboard's API, remember: every tag needs a buddy (all tags must be closed), and attributes should be neatly tucked in quotes.

But here's the twist: our API is quite the curator of rich text. If you send tags that aren't supported to our Notes API, they'll get a stylish makeover (we'll strip them out). In Feature APIs, they'll be met with a 400 response — our way of keeping things neat and tidy on the frontend side.

So, go ahead and get creative with your rich text, but keep it within the lines of our supported tags for a smooth and error-free experience!

<h1>, <h2>Headers
<ul>Unordered list
<ol>Ordered list
<li>List item
<hr/>Horizontal line
<pre>Code block
<blockquote>Block quote