Error Codes

In the world of the Productboard API, understanding our HTTP response and error codes is key to smooth sailing. These codes are straightforward indicators of how your API request fared.

Here's a brief guide to our error codes, each crafted to pinpoint where things might have gone off course. You'll find more detailed codes specific to each API section.

  • validation.* - Didn't pass validation? Check against our OpenAPI spec for the nitty-gritty details.
  • space.notFound - Like a missing puzzle piece, we couldn't locate the requested Productboard space.
  • planUpgrade.required - Time for an upgrade? This endpoint might need a more robust plan.
  • scopes.invalid - Missing the right access? Your OAuth2 scopes might need a second look.
  • system.timeout - A bit of a wait time; part of our system didn't respond quickly enough.
  • system.httpMethodNotSupported - This HTTP method isn't on our dance card.
  • system.internalServerError - Something's amiss on our end. We're on it!
  • system.apiNotEnabled - Your space might not be set up for API calls just yet.

Consider these error codes your trusty guides to a more efficient API journey. Navigate wisely!