How to connect Productboard to other tools via the Feature API

What can I do with Productboard’s new Feature API?

Productboard’s new Feature API allows teams to:

  • Integrate with non-native integrations (e.g. GitLab or Asana).
  • Enhance native integrations (e.g. add a two-way sync functionality to our existing Azure DevOps integration)
  • Show product updates or changes in a 3rd party system (release log, news app) in a streamlined and automated way.
  • Many other use cases which we are looking forward to seeing come to life!

How do I build a public integration with Productboard?

In addition to developing integrations for use by your team, you can also develop them for public use — to help anyone transfer or update essential feature context from Productboard to your applications and vice versa. To inquire about building a public integration, reach out to [email protected].

Which fields are supported by the Feature API?

In Feature API, you will be able to:

  • READ Feature ID, Title, Description, and Status
  • POST Creates New Feature
  • UPDATE Feature Title, Description, and Status
  • Get notifications on the Feature Status, Title, and Description Changes (Webhooks)

How to get started with the Feature API

  1. A Productboard admin can use the top left workspace menu to navigate to the Integrations page.
  2. Under the section Public API, the user can generate a new access token.