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Webhook Payloads

Could you please provide an example of the payloads associated with supported webhook events? <https://api.productboard.com/webhooks>

Is there a webhook event for new health updates on a feature?

I'm looking to use a webhook subscription to receive notifications when a new health update has been posted on a feature, as well as the content of the health update in the notification. Is that possible, and if so, what is the event type I should use?

Feature <> Objective associations?

How can you tell which objectives are assigned to a feature and vice-versa? Is there something similar to feature-release-assignment that I am overlooking? If no, is this planned? Thank you!

Webhook Events

Which webhook events are trigerred when a features' component is updated. I was testing on localhost few days ago and both feature.updated and feature.created were being trigerred but now on my cloud server I can only see feature.updated being trigerred.

pageCursor on Notes endpoint: Last page returns pageCursor of first page again.

I am consuming <https://api.productboard.com/notes> and I specify the featureId for which I want all notes. When there are more than 100 results, the results get paginated and the documentation tells me to _This API is paginated, only the first 100 items are returned by default. The client should then recursively call /notes/ by using returned pageCursor_ That's fine to do, however, the last page seems to return the pageCursor of the first page again! So if I call it recursively, I am creating an endless loop. Is this by design and therefore I need to store the pageCursor of the first page to make sure I stop calling it when I reach the last page?

Error when creating a feature

I keep getting an error when trying to create a feature. I get the error in my code and in the API tool provided by product board. Here is the code with dummy data for the status ID, product ID, and email ```php <?php require_once('vendor/autoload.php'); $client = new \GuzzleHttp\Client(); $response = $client->request('POST', 'https://api.productboard.com/features', [ 'body' => '{"data":{"type":"feature","status":{"id":"XXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXX"},"parent":{"product":{"id":"XXXXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXXX-XXXXXXX"}},"owner":{"email":"[email protected]"},"name":"Test API Idea","description":"here is the description"}}', 'headers' => [ 'X-Version' => '1', 'accept' => 'application/json', 'authorization' => 'Bearer ...', 'content-type' => 'application/json', ], ]); echo $response->getBody(); ``` Here is the error that I'm getting ``` { "errors": [ { "code": "validation.html.invalid", "title": "Failed to parse HTML content", "detail": "[Path '/data/description'] [line: 1, col: 31] cvc-complex-type.2.3: Element 'body' cannot have character [children], because the type's content type is element-only.", "source": { "pointer": "/data/description" } } ] } ``` The description is text, so any ideas on what this error means?

How to add an Insight to a Feature via the API ?

I am trying to programmatically create new insights in a features through the API. Is this even possible ? Thanks !

Portal API?

I would like to integrate upvoting for features right in our product, can you make portal API available? Thanks.

Tags support

I'd like to find features by tags - is that possible? Can it be supported? (Either in the query call itself or as a property to filter manually against when the entities retrieved).

Internal Server Error (EC: 500) For Update Note PATCH

Is anyone else experiencing a server error for updating notes calls